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Powder Coating Guidelines

Powder coating guidelines, tolerances, and finishes for our sheet metal powder coating service.


Powder coating will add .002"-.004" to each surface of your part.

Enhance your sheet metal products with our expert sheet metal finishing service, where durability and style come together seamlessly. We specialize in powder coating, a technique that not only ensures long-lasting resilience but also elevates the visual appeal of your items.

Our commitment extends beyond functionality, as we offer a wide array of colors and finishes to give your sheet metal products a unique and personalized touch. By choosing our services, you'll experience a perfect balance between strength and aesthetic appeal.



Powder coating is not just about protecting your products; it's about making them truly remarkable. Our exceptional powder coating service guarantees that your items will effortlessly stand out, representing a harmonious blend of robustness and style.


All parts will need a small hole or cutout for hanging. If your parts do not have a hole or cutout, we will reach out to ask where we can add one.

If you need holes or surfaces masked, please reach out to our team before placing an order.