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Laser Cutting

Base Lead Time: 1-2 Days


Base Lead Time: +1 Days


Base Lead Time: +1 Days


Base Lead Time: +1 Days


Base Lead Time: +1 Days

Powder Coating

Base Lead Time: +4-5 Days

Industry Standard Materials.

Select from a refined list of high performing materials, expertly picked to give you the best laser cutting and bending results.

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Upload your STEP file for an instant laser cutting quote using our intuitive online platform. Quote in seconds, order in minutes, receive parts in days.

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Customer Reviews.

See what others have to say about our online sheet metal and laser cutting service.

Max G.

When I ordered a couple of parts for a custom project I was greatly satisfied by the speed and quality of my order.

Michael P.

These guys are fantastic, lightning quick service and always exactly what we need. Turn around time for simple cut and bend has been just a few days for us and pretty cost competitive.

Geoff D.

Ordered for our FTC team… Cut 1/8” aluminum parts came out better than expected, and faster than expected. At roughly half the cost!

Jeremy G.

Excellent service all around. Sleek website makes placing and configuring orders pretty seamless. Parts shipped quickly and arrived packaged nicely.

Tahoma R.

Our FIRST Robotics Team has used Fabworks for a couple of our off-season projects. Impressed with their prices, communication, quality and speed.

Dulaney R.

Fantastic experience ordering parts through Fabworks! Amazing lead time and customer support has made a huge difference for our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Get your questions answered, if you can't find something your looking for, check out our resource center.

Laser cut parts are typically shipped within 1-2 business days. Adding additional services to your parts such as bending, powder coating, or hole operations will increase your lead time.
Most standard size parts are cut with an overall tolerance of +/- 0.005 inches. Most simple features such as holes and slots are often as tight as +/- 0.002 inches. Larger features or features over 30 inches apart will see an increased tolerance of +/- 0.010 inches, due to heat distortion of the fiber laser cutting process.
When compared to SendCutSend, Oshcut, and Xometry there are three main reasons: Speed, Precision, and Customer Service. Our rapid, online platform allows for quick quotes and the fastest production possible. With advanced laser cutting technology, we offer unparalleled precision for your complex designs. Plus, our friendly and approachable sales team is always available to make your experience smooth and hassle-free.
Our sheet metal bending service typically adds 1 business day to the total of your project lead time. Adding additional services to your parts such as powder coating, or hole operations will increase your lead time further.
We do not offer the option to remove deburring from your parts. We believe that deburring is an essential part of the laser cutting process and we want to ensure that you receive parts you are happy with. Even with deburring we are dedicated to shipping your parts fast, with most simple laser cutting orders shipping same day.
At this time we do not ship internationally but it is something we are working towards. We are happy to ship your parts to a freight forwarder within the US.
To get an instant quote for your parts you need to export your file as a DXF. If you have issues exporting your files you can send us a message with any native file format (.step, .sldprt, .iges, etc) and we will help you repair and convert them.

Fast Track Your Project.

Seamless process, unparalleled precision, unbeatable speed. Turn your design into reality by beginning your journey with us today.

.STEP .STP or .DXF up to 4.5MB

Your file are safe, secure and retain all intellectual rights.